Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Tana Bana Fabrics give higher priority to our valued customers privacy. This is the reason that we create our privacy policy to protect your data including; contact numbers, addresses,. Emails, cookie data, and billing details. Your information is only be used to upgrade our services and provide you better experience day by day. This policy does not apply to third parties which linked to our website and other customer related portals. Make sure to go through the privacy policies of third parties before submitting data to their portals from our website. The details of our privacy policy and your rights about your data are explained in the following section. Please make sure that you read the privacy policy before using our website; and other terms and conditions. If you do not agree with our privacy policy you should leave the website.

Personal Data:

We ensure to keep safe your name, contact number, address, billing details, and other information submitted by Signup form.

Use of Data:

Tana Bana Fabrics collects customers information in multiple ways, when you order, sign up for newsletters, coupon/reward redeems etc.

We use this information to upgrade our services and promotional offers. When we got the results we discard the data unless customer allows us to keep it for later use. Information added to a third party online credit or debit card payment never been captured by Tana Bana. Information shared with third parties:

Tana Bana uses some analytical tools by third parties which collects customer data; location and device information. This information is used to provide user friendly data with customer preference. Moreover, we don't sale any information any party. These third parties are internationally credible and their data are secured with modern technologies, so our customers never face any issue with their privacy.

Customers Rights:

Our website visitors can request to remove their data from Visitors may ask to correct the data submitted at our website through any form (generated by, third parties are excluded).

In case of any query, please email us;


A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device and retrieved on subsequent visits. Tana Bana uses cookies to improve and simplify your visit. We do not use cookies to share information with third parties.

There are two types of cookies: permanent and temporary. Permanent cookies are stored as files on your computer or mobile device for no more than a year. Session cookies are stored temporarily and vanished at the end of the session.

We use session cookies when you use the product filtering feature and to verify that you are logged in.

Third-Party Cookies:

We use Google tools, Tana Bana Fabrics tracking tools, and Facebook pixels gather the visitor statistics in order to provide a user friendly website. These cookies can be temporary or permanent, which are stored in the visitors browser for 24 hours to more than a year.

Policy Updates:

We use customer email addresses to notify them with any change in our privacy policy. Privacy policy updates are applied as we update it on our website. Tana Bana reserves the rights to change the privacy policy any time.

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